A technoevangelist (at least by my definition) is someone who helps others to discover their inner geek. To help aide this process I’ve just launched a new digital literacy service you might be interested in.

Otherwise, lots has been going on in the world-of-fee since I started living in a bus. But prior to further updates, here’s a little thing I’ve been thinking about.

"Techne" is a term, etymologically derived from the Greek word τέχνη (Ancient Greek: [tékʰnɛː], Modern Greek: [ˈtexni] ( listen)), that is often translated as "craftsmanship", "craft", or "art".


The word "evangelist" comes from the Koine Greek word εὐαγγέλιον (transliterated as "euangelion") via Latinised Evangelium, as used in the canonical titles of the four Gospels, authored by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (also known as the Four Evangelists). The Greek word εὐαγγέλιον originally meant a reward given to the messenger for good news (εὔ = "good", ἀγγέλλω = "I bring a message"; the word "angel" comes from the same root) and later "good news" itself.

so… given that I’m a nomadic artist, shouldn’t this site (and my business) actually be called “technEvangelist”?

…something to think about….