I like to write. Mainly my own blog posts or lateral drift ramblings, sometimes articles for other blogs/journals/magazines, and sometimes fiction. Every now and then I get paid for those, which I like a great deal.

Here’s a few selections, to whet the appetite.


Artlink, Vol 34 no 1, 2014 – “This is [not] for everyone” – forewarning the end of a free and open web

Artlink, Vol 32 no 3, 2012 – No hotheads in this hothouse – Adhocracy

Artlink, Vol 32 no 1, 2012 – Mesne: Stitches in the Air: computational craft


Intelligent Agent – The Wireless Confusion: A Call to Arms


Larissa Hjorth – CU The Presence of Co-Presence [pdf link] [link to realtime article about exhibition]


Creative Times, UK – Why can’t the arts be more like a kitchen?
Creative Times, UK – Please sir, can I have some more?
Australia Council for the Arts – Geek Speed Dating
Australia Council for the Arts – Why digital did not kill the opera star
Australia Council for the Arts – Announcing TransmediaVictoria
Australia Council for the Arts – Twitter+art=?
ANAT – KINO Portable
ANAT – Portable Platforms
ANAT – Portable Perspectives
ANAT – Celebrating 21 Years of Experimentation
ANAT: Ported – Art, Technology & Education: A case for companionship